Ariel Posen is the complete package: a great singer and songwriter, as well as a virtuoso guitarist. He is representative of a new generation of players who are fully schooled, either academically or self-taught, who don’t let the schooling get in the way of their soul.
— Michael Ross (Guitar Player, Premier Guitar, Guitar Moderne)
I couldn’t believe it when I heard Ariel’s record. I knew he was a great guitar player, but DANG IT....he’s really really good....I also didn’t know how well he could sing or write songs. There’s so many bangers on this record, but “Fade” is for sure my favourite!
— Cory Wong (Vulfpeck)
Posen pieced together the songs for his own album of heartland soul. Here, he comes across like a laidback Springsteen, building an anthemic groove during the verse before singing the slacker blues during every chorus. “I don’t feel so rough when I don’t measure up to the things that I’ve said,” he says, punctuating the mood with slide guitar.
— Andrew Leahey (Rolling Stone)
Ariel Posen is guitar’s man for all seasons - he’s got the songs and the voice but he’s also a stellar slide guitarist with a gutsy, expressively melodic style
— Jamie Dickson (Guitarist Magazine UK)
When I hear Ariel’s music it makes me excited about music. He is an amazing soulful musician. And a wonderful person.
— Kirk Fletcher
Posen is a rare breed of guitar player. He has managed to meld a keen sense of theory and half a centuries worth of influences into a unique style that is all his own.
— Michael Lux (
Ariel is a special musician and a great dude. His playing is incredibly natural and you can tell it comes from a lifetime sat at the edge of his bed playing guitar for joy. Don’t miss him in your town.
— Josh Smith
Ariel has wowed audiences all over the world with his masterful slide guitar work. Now, he’s stepped up to the mic and added his smoky vocals to that powerfully smooth and emotional slide, on his first solo album How Long. It does not disappoint!
— Bruce Ladan (CBC)
Individuality is the centerpiece of Ariel’s sound. His wizard-like slide chops and razor-sharp songwriting skills have helped him find a singular voice that continues to combine innovation and inspiration.
— Jason Shadrick (Premier Guitar)
Ariel who? Never heard of him.
— Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy)
Ariel Posen is one of the most toneful and tasteful players to emerge in recent years – miss out on his new album at your peril!
— Chris Vinnicombe (The Guitar Magazine UK)